Arm Strength & Speed Program

Main Focus & Results:
*Hip mobility: allows lower half to increase momentum
*Core strength: stabilizes body and increases core rotation speed
*Arm strength: faster arm speed is not attainable without strength *Helps the arm stay healthy and avoid mid season injury
(Shoulder, bands, weights)
*Arm speed: increases velocity and more accurate release point
(Variation weighted balls, specific throwing exercises, core velocity belt)

Ty Wright at PT Springdale
Brandon Moore at PT Fayetteville

When: November thru January

Ages 9-13: 7:00-8:00pm
Ages 14-18: 8:00-9:00pm

Optional 2 Day Combo:
Monday & Tuesday (Pick 1)
Wednesday & Thursday (Pick 1)

Upfront- $550
Monthly- $200
(Money is non refundable or reusable for lessons due to the filling of available spots for program)

Off Thanksgiving week and Christmas Break Times TBA

Commitment and consistency is key to results in this program. Please call Ty Wright with any questions you may have at (281) 467-6044.