2016 Bat Speed Program Instructed By: Matt Vinson 

This will be a 10 week program. This program has been designed by myself and my dad to increase the explosiveness of the swing. We will teach the kids how to correctly use their bodies to get the most out of their swing. Each will receive a personalized goal chart to keep with them throughout the program. This will also allow YOU, the parent, to see their progression from workout to workout. We will be using radars for barrel speed and exit velocity to determine these results. I will explain more on day 1.

Some mechanical skills will be taught because, to have the best bat speed possible, we need the kids to know how the swing is supposed to work.

Day 1: (Parents need to be present) This day will be a complete breakdown of the program, testing, and goal setting!


10 weeks:
September 12-November 17

Monday-Thursday each week

Week 1: Sept. 12-17
Week 2: Sept 19-22
Week 3: Sept 26-29
Week 4: Oct 3-6
Week 5: Oct 10-13
Week 6: Oct 17-20
Week 7: Oct 24-27
Week 8: Nov 31-3
Week 9: Nov. 7-10
Week 10: (final week) Nov 10-14

Monday-Thursday time slot choices

M- 6:00-7:00 & 7:00-8:00
T- 6:00-7:00 & 7:00-8:00
W- 6:00-7:00 & 7:00-8:00
T- 6:00-7:00 & 7:00-8:00

You will choose the 2 most convenient times for you to get your 2 workouts in each week. (You have 8 chances to get your workout in)


Sign up deadline: Friday September 9

Payment Options:

Pay Here: http://perfecttimingnwa.com/store/shoppt/

A) $500 up front for the 20 workouts during the program

B) pay $200 each month for a total of $600 for 20 workouts up front

(The only way to really see an improvement will be to go through the entire program)

I know this is a lot of information but I want to give the athletes a really enjoyable/productive program to help maximize their bat speed. Communication will be key throughout this so please feel free to call or text any time.


Please let me know if you plan to participate in the program AS SOON AS POSSIBLE, spots will be limited.

I am very excited about this program! I really believe you will see a huge improvement in your kids power and explosiveness!