Perfect Timing Director of Fundamentals, Brian Walker, releases Fall Programs beginning September 5th through November 13th excluding the Arm Care Program and the Outfield Program. Each class will meet twice a week for 10 weeks. Cost for all programs are $515.  Payment can be made on our website at PerfectTimingNWA.com  under the Lessons/Training Tab.

As the fall approaches, we begin our first fundamental classes for all players in Northwest Arkansas. These classes are offered through the Springdale Perfect timing location. Classes are specific to age, position, and desired need. Students will further their individual fundamental base in each class. the Navy Seals motto for when they train is “ when we fail we fall to our lowest level of training.” Our goal is to raise our lowest level of training by developing the fundamentals of each player. The 10 week commitment is not only your investment in time and finance, but also our investment in your son and his future. By coming twice a week we utilize specific techniques hitting them twice a week gaining further understanding raising the players skill set. Using Brian Walkers experience with youth, high school, college, and professional players, signing up for these clinics will further enhance your son’s base line of fundamentals thus furthering the brand of baseball we play at Perfect Timing! Sign ups close September 1st , so sign up now as spots are limited and are on a first come first serve basis. For questions concerning classes contact Brian Walker at baseballbwalk@yahoo.com or (479) 856-3593.

HS Advanced Hitting
AGES: 13 years old to 12th grade:
2 days a week we will work on the in depth levels of hitting including all situational hitting, bat speed testing, video work, breaking ball machines, live arm, pitch recognition training, angled flips with reverse and inverted angles. This program will be set as a college workday in the cage tackling different topics each session.

Days: September 5th – November 13th * Tuesday/Wednesday
Times: 8pm-9pm

USSSA Hitting
Ages: 8-12
Geared towards the younger ages and learning the fundamental bases for hitting. Key topics are hitting position, timing, balance, approach, bat speed, understanding the kinesthetic movements throughout the course of the swing, gaining understanding of their swing and repeating proper timing and technique through wide range of drills. Weekly targeted goals is the process in which we will advance.

Days: September 5th – November 13th * Monday/Wednesday
Times: 6pm-7pm


HS Advanced infield
AGES: 13 years old to High School Senior
Class if only for Advanced infield and for all infield positions. From the routine ground ball, to the double play footwork around the bag, double play feeds, slow roller, transfers, do or die plays, handling relay throws, holding runners at 2b, and positioning for all positions based off hitter, Along with Massive amounts of groundballs with throwing to bases. Any and every play that an infielder must make will be covered in depth with a massive amount of repetitions creating positive fielding habits.

Days: September 5th – November 13th * Tuesday/ Thursday
Time: 6pm -7pm

USSSA Infield Program

Ages: 8-12 years of age
Geared towards nailing every routine groundball from forehand to backhand. Understanding of double play footwork, turns and feeds, slow rollers, positioning, holding runners, etc. all basic infield must haves will be worked on and developed with main focus each week on one specific fundamental with massive workload.

Days: September 5th – November 13th * Tuesday/ Thursday
Time: 5pm-6pm


High School Catching
Ages: 13 years old to High School Senior
All you need to know to become the best defensive catcher possible. Covering receiving, blocking, recovery, footwork, throwing, pop times, plays at the plate, bunts, wild pitch recovery, pop flies, tag plays, force plays, communication with infield, flexibility. All facets of catching will be covered.

Days: September 5th – November 13th * Tuesday/ Thursday
Time: 7pm-8pm

USSSA Catching
Ages: 8-12
Geared towards the fundamental bases of catching. Stances, receiving, blocking, footwork, throwing, bunts, force plays, tag plays, pop ups, wild pitch recovery. Multiple drills at a time geared towards each facet of catching.

Days: September 5th – November 13th * Monday/ Wednesday
Time 5pm-6pm


Ages: 12 yrs old – High School Seniors

Trainer’s, Derrick Wynn and Ethan McKinzie, lead the students of previous Arm Care Programs to the average increase of 6.87 mph. This program is designed to maximize arm strength through a well conditioned body that moves properly. Players will train in a way that will help minis injury while increasing velocity.

Days: October 2nd – December 7th, Twice a Week (with one Block A and one Block B)

Block A – Monday 7-8 – Monday 8-9 – Tuesday 7-8

Block B – Wednesday 7-8 – Thursday 7-8 – Thursday 8-9

*please email for clarification if needed.