Velocity Program instructed by: Tyler Wright 

Ages: 9+

What is it?
This is a program based off my experience as a player and also things I have learned after my career. We will focus on the health, strength, and speed of the arm, broken down into 3 months.

Where: Perfect Timing Springdale

Session 1: September 19- December 16
Session 2: January 2- March 24

Weekly schedule:
Monday & Tuesday workouts (will be same)
Wednesday & Thursday workouts (will be same)
Pick 2 workouts a week, example: (Monday & Wednesday)
(Tuesday & Thursday)

(Depending on the amount of kids signed up we may add a 5:00-6:00)


To pay for the Velocity Program please go to:

A) $500 up front for the 20 workouts during the program

B) pay $200 each month for a total of $600 for 20 workouts up front

(The only way to really see an improvement will be to go through the entire program)


My main focus through this camp is get the players arms healthy and balanced in strength, if the arm is balanced then it is less sustainable to injury, also resulting in increased velocity.

Proven result:
Between 32 kids last year we averaged 4.5mph gains on the mound, 7mph increase from infield, and 8mph from outfield.

If you would like to sign up or have any questions please text/call me at (281)467-6044